The success of an Internet site often is determined by its content and on how and where you promote it. Rich content and a proper marketing campaign will most likely bring about many more site visitors, however there are other factors which will really make a difference too. Some examples are: how easy it is to browse through the website, whether you target different groups with identical content, what ranking you have in search engines, etcetera. We have added several tools to the Hepsia Control Panel that can help you make your sites very popular among visitors with minimal efforts. The tools are extremely easy-to-work-with and include a very uncomplicated interface, so that you can take advantage of them even when you have no preceding experience and you're developing your first site.

Marketing Tools in Cloud Website Hosting

One of the important tools which is provided with the cloud website hosting plans is our sitemap generator. Using a sitemap is vital these days and not only will it enable users to find content on your website easily, but it will also be used by search engines like google so as to index your site content better and to follow any site updates. You can pick what content and how many links within the website to be indexed and the output file will be search engine friendly. On top of that, you can also use a GeoIP tool which will redirect website visitors to different landing pages depending on their geolocation, that can be very handy when you have localized Internet sites. This kind of a feature can popularize your website in different regions worldwide and improve the user experience. As it really is crucial that your clients follow what is new, you can also employ the RSS feed tool that will permit you to publish news from your website or related third-party sources.